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posted by _hostile_
you are wrong about the fuckin release dates of the albums u fucking retarded piece of shit u are such a dumb fucker fuck pantera didnt rip these guys off noone ripped off ne one u fucking cock slaughter in the vatican was released in 1990 bitch. and the law was released in 1992 u fucking cock sucker.
okay get your fucking facts straight before u start saying shit about bands  n stuff  and i have proof of this too...go to...    http://www.roadrun.com/catalog/ and unchech view only current artists. then search for exhorder and u will find out that it is true of what i said fucker

dipshit...most of the material on slaughter in the vatican was written between 1985 and 1988 while pantera were playing cock rock and wearing pretty makeup. jackass. i witnessed many many exhorder shows long before they were signed to roadrunner....i'm not some uninformed idiot who decided to make a page one day. i lived it. i was at exhorder shows nearly getting killed in their pits in skankball matches while pantera were slinging their pretty hairsprayed hair and posing pretty for pictures. what can you say? you probably had never even heard of pantera until cowboys from hell.

posted by _hostile_
i know they were still making their music before getting fuckin signed by roadrunner..that doesnt change a fucking thing truth is u lied about the release dates of the fucking albums and how the fuck do u know pantera tried to copy exhorders sound seeing as how exhorder doesnt sound much like pantera and is leaning a little towards slayer and y is it how ppl always fuckin talk about panteras glam days of course they had glam days everyone fucking knew that if u didnt know that u are a fucknig idiot its not like they even give a shit about those fucking days u fuckin cock ass bitch
all i know is i wanna fucking talk to both the bands get the real story not just the fucking bullshit u and those other anti-pantera pages put up here so fuck you all
all i know and care about is that pantera kicks ass as does exhorder and so do lots of other fucking bands and panteras glam  shit isnt even that bad i mean its better than fucking new megadeth (risk) or sum gay ass shit like that or metallica or sumthing so yah fuck yall

and where did i lie about the release dates? i have the same exact shit on my page that you said in your post. what the fuck are you talking about?

Hostile,You do have the release dates right but,there is some info you don't know. Exhorder's Slaughter in the Vatican  demo came out in '86. They were signed to a label Mean Machine in '87. The release of the album was held up b/c The lable went bankrupt and they couldn't do anything until the Bankruptcy Hearing was over. They were signed to Roadrunner in '90 and Slaughter in the Vatican was released in '90 & The Law in '92.
Your remark about Pantera not ripping them off is WRONG! While your hero Phil was singing covers of Iron Maiden in the band Razor White you could always find him in the front row of an Exhorder show jerking off to the ORIGINAL HOSTILE SOUND OF EXHORDER. He loved Exhorder so much the shirt he is wearing on this web page he had made for himself b/c Exhorder didn't have shirts yet! He joined Pantera in '87 and in '88 tried out for Exhorder behind Pantera's back.
Needless to say he didn't make it and that is were the rip off began! I KNOW THIS B/C I WAS THERE AND I AM STILL THERE!!!!