Chris: drums, Kyle: barks, David: lead guitar, Vinnie: lead guitar, Andy: bass

We're conducting this interview with Kyle and David

DARK TRUTH: Who started the band>
Kyle: No one started it. We just got together.

DARK TRUTH: How has yoru demo, "Get Rude", been selling?
Kyle: It's been selling quite well.

DARK TRUTH: Do girls tend to ignore you 'cuz you're not some glam-metal band?
Kyle: Well, if they're like that, I'll piss on their faces. But girls can be cool friends.
David: I wouldn't give a fuck because they're cheap sluts anyway. And anyway there's only one girl for me and that's the one I'm going out with.

DT: What do you think about the death-metal, satanic shit and the influence it has on bands?
K: I like istening to the shit. But I don't believe in the shit.
D: My feeling's the same as Kyle's

DT: Kyle, do you feel out of the ordinary slamming with the audience?
K: No. Because sometimes I don't have anything to do. And I'm not some big-shit rock star. I'm just one of them.

DT: Do you guys hate it when people don't slam?
D: People who don't slam make the show less energetic.
K: I really don't hate the people who don't slam, but they make us feel that they don't like us.

DT: Why does Exhorder have a grudge against holy assholes?
K: They use God as a symbol to get mone from weak-minded people. Jest because they're weak-minded doesn't mean you have to use 'em.

DT: David, when did ou and Vinnie write the new song "Unforgiven"?
D: We wrote it and "Ripping Flesh" 6 months before Exhorder was even together.

DT: Do you guys like signing autographs?
D No! I think autographs are very stupid and unrealistic! What sense does it make. What, to tell a person that you got someone to sign a piece of paper!

(O.K. this last question was made up by David)
DT: Guys, why does milk come out of tits?
D: To feed Vinnie and Andy's mother. (laughter)