Greetings! Welcome to my Exhorder Tribute Page. First off, I am NOT in the band Exhorder, nor am i a close personal friend of Exhorder. I am merely an obsessed fan, spreading the word about this incredible band and is eagerly awaiting their return.
I made this website because I was searching the internet for Exhorder sites and found either lame biographical pages or pages that claimed that Exhorder had a "strong Pantera influence". And, the fact is that while Exhorder were fuckin shit up in 1985 with their onslaught of hate and violence, Pantera were sniffing hairspray fumes and learning how to correctly apply their eyeliner while putting out glam metal albums like "I Am The Night" and "Power Metal".

Influence or coincidence?
This is by no means another Anti-Pantera site. There are far better sites devoted to that subject such as Pantera Sucks and Panterrible.

What you will find here is an Exhorder discography complete with 30 second .wav files made on my piece of shit WebTVPlus unit, a few interviews from various fanzines I had collecting dust in my closet, and a message board, so you can tell me what an asshole i am.

In the future I plan on adding pictures and more interviews/reviews onto the page. If you have any magazine articles, interviews, reviews, flyers, or pictures of Exhorder that you'd like to send my way to post on the site, email me.
Enjoy the site!
Ripping Flesh

I've set up an Exhorder club at as well. Credits: Lucas Brocato made the Panthorder logo and helped with the Exhorder logo on the entrance page and scanned the "get rude" t-shirt design and the "slaughter in the vatican" demo cover. Sean Sitka sent the Exhorder logo that is at the top left of each page you see, and a talk-city music-metal chatroom regular known as Sacreligium sent the picture of Phil Anselmo wearing the Exhorder t-shirt. Other photos taken from a live video.