Who's in the band?
Alphabetically, Jay Ceravolo on guitar, Vinnie Labella onguitar, Chris Nail on drums, Kyle Thomas on the damn bark-o-phone, and Andy "Steel" Villaferra on bassics.

How long have you been together?
We've been a complete working unit for four grueling years and it's finally starting to pay off.

Who are your influences?
Well for my own self I'll say #1 is Black Sabbatb (the best!). Also very so much The Melvins, Henry Rollins Band, Black Flag and early Slayer. Chris is bent on Rush, Jay loves Black Sabbath, early Ozzy and Metallica, Vinnie loves Englebert Humperdink, and Andy likes Burger King and Jaco Pastorius.

How would you label your music>

What are your songs about?
Our songs are about pain and agony causing incredulous grief and sorrow upon humanity. We are basically here to remind everyone that the system sucks and there is no God.

When will your "Slaughter In The Vatican" LP be released>
As I write this, I must inform you that we made an honest mistake signing with Mean Machine Records. They were unprofessional and went out of business as a result. But it looks as though they've done us a favor because Roadracer Records is very interested in Exhorder and they are a much more extablished and very well run label.

What's in the future for Exhorder?
Lots of booze, broads and money. Long showers with dirty females and a suckling pig roast

What do you think of the New Orleans scene?
Crowdwise, I think that our town simply can't be beat, and that's a fac because we've traveled east and west and north and our people thrash the killingest. The clubs are fucked though, because there is virtually no financial backing for local talent, and I totally love the distinct New Orleans sound. I'm hoping that once the album is out that people out of town begin to recognize the potential market here for alternative music.

Why did Exhorder break up in late '87/early'88?
Actually I'd rather leave it at this: During this time a few of us had different ideas about music and personal situations, but we're back together doing better than ever as we progress into our field of writing and performing.

Where have you played?
We've played in Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth and have very good followings in these areas. Also, we've played in Memphis, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and right here!

Any plans on touring?
Right now we sut up a show here and there on out own, but if we get on Roadracer that's up to them.

What do you think of poseurs who go to your shows?
I don't give a flying-rectal-thermometer-fuck who goes as long as they pay their five clams.

What advice would you give to bands just starting in New Orleans?
Write in your own style, don't worry about what people think, and accept the fact that because you're in a band not everybody wants to suck you.

What Exhorder merchandise is available?
We know that we haven't had merchandise for awhile but the next show we will. WE're not playing again until we have more songs written, and then we'll have t-shirts and maybe hats or sweatpants or boxers or Exhorder barfbags or condoms. We'll see, I guess.

Any last words?
Fuck off. Get naked. I'm single and willing to do the nasty with shapely attractive females, as are my colleagues. Go see The Melvins when they come. I hate most people. Unless you like to drink or give me your womanhood, go fiddle with your crotch. Buckethead and toe cheese, mm-mm-good! Lick me. Piss off.